Hiring Good People Takes Effort. 
But You Always Need to Train & Develop Your 'A' Team!

Developing Your 'A' Team One Team 
Member At A Time! 

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Total Team
Your Entire Team Department In One Place
From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between!
There are around 6.8 million job opening in America that are unfilled.
Why? Companies can’t find the right team members, that have the right skills, at the right time. At Total Team, our mission is change this and help you get ‘A’ Players on your Team! 
Build A CULTure To Win
Find & Hire 'A' Players!
Are you building a culture that ‘A’ Players want to be part of?
Let us help you put together a plan that will attract top talent! Organizations that invest in strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%.
Fun Fact: Around one-third of team members prefer to be part of a company with a business casual dress code.
Training & Develop Your 'A' Team
Team Training
Are your team members happy with how their leadership skills are being developed? When teams are appropriately trained, companies save money and receive an increase in productivity.
Fun Fact: Over 70% of team members say they are more 
satisfied with their job if they have a work best friend.
Increase Team Engagement
Organizations with high levels of team engagement achieve TWICE the annual net income and higher customer retention rates.
Unhappy team members can cost companies millions of dollar. Let us help you build a strong company culture!
Did you know...?
Leaders are changing their talent strategy and will be investing more money into their training and development programs in 2018 in order to fill their gaps and reach their full capacity.
We’d love to show you how are solution can help you do just that!
Hiring Good People Take Effort! 
But You Also Need To Train & Develop Your 'A' Team! 
Developing Your 'A' Team One Member At A Time
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